Lovely Blue and White Table Lamps

Blue and White Table Lamps

A hand-picked list of classic and modern blue and white table lamps for your home.


The first half of blue and white table lamps on this list are influenced by a more traditional perspective, while the following half follow a more contemporary stylistic approach.

Order any of the lamps below by clicking on either the blue links or featured photos! Check size specifications before placing your order. Enjoy! All of my lists are “living,” meaning I update them with new items as I find products that are perfect fits for my posts. So please do come back soon!

Stylish Table Lamps

Clean and Vibrant Accents 

I myself am a huge fan of the color combination of blue and white. Like a fluffy cloud on a sunny, spring day, or a white sail on a sailboat against the dark blue of the ocean on a calm, summer afternoon, blue and white together in the home connote feelings of freshness and cleanliness, untroubledness and serenity.

For instances where you are already decorating in blue or white, or for times when you need something to brighten up a room a bit, consider adding a blue and white lamp into your design scheme.

I hope that you find exactly what you are looking for below…even if you don’t know what you are looking for yet!

Classic Blue and White Lamps

  • This classic blue and white table lamp kicks off the list with its quintessential charm. Delicate details and a lovely bird scene make this is an excellent choice for small spaces where you are looking to add that exquisite, classic, blue and white touch. 
  • I am in love with this gorgeous ginger jar lamp because of the floral designs and two-toned, blue detail. Between the diamond details at the top and the unique floral design, this lamp is a whimsical spin on a classic aesthetic.   
  • I love the gentle nature of this blue and white, rose vine table lamp. The graceful rose vines in blue coupled with the white crackled background creates an approachable yet classically-rooted feel to this piece.

  • I adore how this hand-painted, ceramic table lamp has an inherently bubbly feel with its swirly stems and hourglass shape. For an accent piece that will brighten your space in a light-hearted way, look no further than this beauty!

  • If you are not quite sold on the floral designs that oftentimes accompany the classic blue and white table lamps, this diamond-patterned, porcelain beauty is perfect for you! With a sincere personality of its own, this blue and white table lamp is an amazing choice. I also love the addition of the matching lampshade knob on top!

  • While the blue details on this lamp do stand graciously on their own, the overwhelming majority of this lamp is white, making this treasure an especially crisp addition to the list. Elegant and bordering on the edge of flamboyant, this floral lamp will certainly stand out in your room! 

And now, a transition piece as we move into the more modern blue and white table lamps featured here!

  • What’s not to love about this classic design with modern crystal accents? I especially love the timelessness of the blue designs in conjunction with the contemporary addition of the crystal accents. One of the best lamps to choose if you are balancing the fine line between classic and modern.

Contemporary Blue and White Lamps

  • I am actually obsessed with this sky blue table lamp with textured floral accents for two reasons: the first being the color, and the second being the three-dimensional flowers showering the top of the base. To me, this lamp serves as an artistic and contemporary example of a blue and white lamp, one that would be a stylish addition to many different home decor plans.
  • This lamp with its contemporary bird scene pays tribute to a variety of design perspectives through its duality. First, the lighter blue color and oval shape of the lamp reference a modern vibe. Second, the crackled texture of the lamp base and the bird silhouette refer back to a more antique and refined age in time. Rounding it out is the fact that the silhouette itself is cutout, once again referencing contemporary style preferences. The multifaceted nature of this lamp is undeniable, and makes it a versatile choice. As much as it could stand beautifully in a room of neutrals, it could also stand beautifully in a more traditional formal room. 
  • The sleek shape of this clear blue and white Lamp coupled with the simplicity of the design makes this a nonchalant option when it comes to picking out the best blue and white table lamp for your space. I can’t help but look at this lamp and think of the ocean! The ideal beach house table lamp? I think so!
  • While there is less white and more blue involved in this table lamp, I am including it on this list for my contemporary art lovers looking for a table lamp fit for an art museummaybe that “art museum” is actually your home!
  • While there is nobody that I know of who is referring to this particular lamp as The Great Gatsby lamp except me, how can you look at this lamp and not think of that era in time?! With the pointed yet exquisite gold accents and the deep, almost teal color, this lamp brings a sense of sophistication to the table. In a room where you are looking to make an elegant and classic statement while still maintaining a brief note of playfulness, this is the lamp for you.

  • Hello, modern elegance! While it is common to find glass lamps in a teal or sea foam blue, it is less common to find glass lamps in this navy tone. The white lampshade paired with the darker color of blue glass makes for an extremely versatile blue and white table lamp. Whether this is in your office or living room, this lamp makes a modern and elegant statement. 

Bonus Lamps!

  • I am so thrilled to include this pair of blue and white floral lamps with gold bases on my list because I think that the combination of the gold accents with the blue and white makes for one incredibly lovely look! I love all of the lamps on this list, but these two are possibly my favorites.

I hope that you found the perfect lamp to fit your blue and white table lamp needs!

Have you found a different one in your search that you feel deserves a spot on this list? Have other thoughts? Please do take a moment to share in the comment section below! 

Thank You for Reading!

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2 thoughts on “Lovely Blue and White Table Lamps

  1. What a great way of writing posts, having colour coded lamps displayed like this has saved us loads of time.

    We have a blue bedroom and trying to trudge through the plethora of websites promoting lamps only to find the colours don’t match has presented a very frustrating time for my wife.

    This will probably solve her problem as I can see there’s a few blues displayed here that will match the bedroom wallpaper to perfection.

    The Table lamp fit for an art museum, The Great Gatsby lamp, Contemporary bird scene and the Sky blue table lamp with textured floral accents are the colours she’s been trying to find.

    Are you planning on producing more written articles on different lamp colours this way?
    Thanks so much for simplifying the process,

    1. Hi Simon,

      I really appreciate your comments! I am so happy that you found lamps that might match the decor scheme that your wife is going for. I have worked really diligently to include a variety of stylistic options in each of my lists for the ease and convenience of my readers, and I am thrilled that there are some options here that she might not have seen all in one place yet!

      I am indeed planning on producing more written articles on lamps in this format.

      If you or your wife have any other decor related searches you’d like assistance with– example: orange and blue table lamps– feel free to email me at and I will get back to you!

      Many thanks again for your kind and thorough comments.

      Hope to see you and your wife back here again soon!



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