Cool Cuff Bracelets

View this orange Alexis Bittar stunner (pictured) here. For other amazing options on cuff bracelets worth adding to your ensemble, keep reading.


“Jewelry is like the perfect spice– it compliments what is already there.”

– Diane von Furstenberg

Order any of the bracelets below simply by clicking either the green links or the featured photos! Check size specifications before placing your order. Enjoy! All of my lists are “living,” meaning I update them with new items as I find products that are perfect fits for my posts. So please do come back soon!

Cool Cuff Bracelets

Transform Your Outfit

What I particularly love about adding unique cuff bracelets to my outfits is that they can really take an ensemble without much pizazz and add something that brings it all together. On days where I am wearing neutral-colored outfits, for instance, I reach for one of my cuff bracelets to offer my outfit something interesting without having to go “all-out.”

We all have days where we find ourselves rushing out the door to get somewhere quickly, or days where we have to go from one event to the other without much time to change in-between. Cuff bracelets are amazing accessories for these kinds of days as well.

Say you have been wearing something more plain all day at the office, but you have plans for a nice dinner after work. Take your hair out of its bun, spritz yourself with some perfume, swipe my favorite soft focus highlighter over your cheekbones, and add one of these cuffs to your outfit– you’ll be refreshed and ready to go, just like that!

Treat yourself to one of these bracelets and see how much fun you can have mixing and matching them with different outfits you already own to create a variety of looks for all different kinds of occasions. 

Cool Cuff Bracelets 

  • I am in love with this Alexis Bittar studded, hinge bracelet because it reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting! While technically not a cuff, I simply had to start the list by featuring this beauty because of how eloquently the artistic charm meets rockstar vibes. I can practically see 1,000,000 outfits that this statement bracelet would go with perfectly…especially if you wear a lot of black, whites, grays, or nudes!

  • A true cuff, this gold-tone, interlocking bracelet possesses an undeniably fierce elegance. I love how versatile this bracelet is– as much as it stands out, it also is understated enough that you could comfortably wear this daily without feeling too flashy.

  • To me, this Kendra Scott cuff is such a power bracelet! The texture is novel, eye-catching, and unusual, while at the same time the cuff remains grounded in traditional stylistic elements. I totally imagine a lady boss rocking this cuff regularly (although, it would look amazing on anybody in almost any scenario)! 

  • For my friends who are fans of rose gold tones, I have a feeling that you will love this Kenneth Cole “Tectonic Plates” cuff. I appreciate that this bracelet follows a very neutral color scheme, while also featuring the inclusion of abstract geometric shapes– and of course– a little sparkle. 

  • Some say that snakes symbolize healing and transformation, and I have to say– I think that this Betsey Johnson wrapped cuff really has the potential to heal and transform a boring outfit! Because of how many different colors are present in the design, this bracelet will style well with a variety of outfits.

  • I felt so enchanted by the wrapped cuff above, that I had to include this Betsey Johnson snake bangle bracelet too. These two bracelets basically make Betsey Johnson a snake charmer in my book! While not a cuff, I love the bracelet below because the color of the snake’s head reminds me of the ocean in the Virgin Islands. I would love to see this bracelet paired with white jeans, a flowing top, and wedges for the spring or summer.

  • For a beautiful, everyday cuff that can easily be dressed up or down, I am a big fan of this sterling silver and turquoise X cuff bracelet. I love the overall simplicity of this bracelet; at the same time, the details are gorgeous and executed well.

  • Chic and casual, this recycled fabric cuff bracelet will add whimsical color to your outfit. I love that this bracelet is more casual than many of the others on this list, but that even with its laid-back nature, the bracelet is unique, interesting, and unusual compared to many other casual cuffs I have seen available for sale. 

  • This beautiful feather cuff bracelet will give you a sparkly and colorful addition to any outfit! Bonus: with so many colors of the rainbow represented in the feather design, this bracelet will pair well with many different outfits, year-round. 

  • The bracelet featured at the top of this article, this orange cuff bracelet is a true stunner. With the bright orange hue and contemporary geometric shapes, this cuff will be a welcome addition to your jewelry collection. If you find yourself wanting to add more color to your outfits, a bracelet of this nature will certainly do the trick, time and time again!

Share your thoughts on this list of cool cuff bracelets in the comment section below! Have your own ideas about the best way to style statement cuff bracelets with different kinds of outfits? I would love to hear from you, too!

Happy Accessorizing, 

Lauren King Savage

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