Decorative Trays for Coffee Tables

For an easy way to both express your style and dress up your coffee table, look no further.


Order any of the decorative trays for your coffee table below simply by clicking either the blue links or the featured photos! Check size specifications before placing your order. Enjoy! All of my lists are “living,” meaning I update them with new items as I find products that are perfect fits for my posts. So please do come back soon!

Decorative Trays for Coffee Tables

A Stylish Touch

If you keep passing by your coffee table and find yourself feeling it’s looking a little bare, you definitely should invest in a decorative tray to dress it up! You won’t regret it. 

Whether you are decorating a glass-top coffee table or a wood coffee table, decorative trays are wonderful accents for any surface you want to add a splash of style to. 

I have loved adorning coffee and accent tables with trays for many years now (I have a collection) because I find them to be an interesting and useful way to tie together a room. There are many sizes and styles of trays; trays are also incredibly convenient for putting down keys, spare change, jewelry, a candle, or any other small item that may otherwise be floating around.

Here are some of my favorite decorative trays for coffee tables, many made by designers that I have enjoyed collecting from over the years. I hope that you enjoy this list as much as I do, and that you might even feel inspired to start a tray collection of your own! 

All Kinds of Trays

  • I am in love with this large peony glass tray. Like head over heels in love with it. I have seen this in person, and the size alone is striking. Not only that, but the delicate nature of the peony itself plus the intricate details makes for an incredibly gorgeous scene. Together, these elements work to make this tray like a piece of art on your coffee table. 

  • I adore this set of two mirrored trays for their unusual shape and attractive versatility. These trays would add an interesting touch to any room, while also remaining neutral enough for you to style them however you want. An excellent base for your other coffee table accents. 

  • This gold tray with alligator detail is perfect for larger coffee tables and looks wonderful as a base for organizing other home accent items, like coffee table books or candles. That being said, if you choose to put this tray on the coffee table and not put much on it at all, the (faux) alligator detailing offers the eye something interesting to look at all on its own.

  • For a more subdue, rustic look, consider this handsome serving tray. I love the addition of the stripes, and the neutral color scheme makes this a try that would be a beautiful touch to a wide variety of rooms. I especially love the idea of using this tray on a glass-top coffee table. 
  • An alternative to the vintage look above, this antique, mirrored-glass tray is a true beauty. With a regal vibe, this tray will certainly add an elegant, refined touch to your coffee table. 
  • If anybody would like to buy me this stunning elephant and bird tray as a gift, please feel free (I’m talking to you, Mom). I’m only half-kidding! Seriously though, between the sweet elephant and the colorful bird, this square tray is practically irresistible. Two bonuses: first, the tray can be used indoors or outdoors; second, elephants with their trunk up are considered good luck by many cultures! 
  • And for the most adorable take on a decorative tray featuring a safari animal, check out this giraffe chewing bubblegum tray! The whimsicality of the design plus the creative touch of the print in the background makes this a must-have for rooms that could use something to brighten and cheer it up. 
  • This captivating mother of pearl inlay tray is a very cool tray– not only because of the unique design, but also because of the pop! factor of this particular shade of blue. The mother of pearl gives this tray a luxurious feel, but the blue keeps it highly approachable. 

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  • For my bird lovers out there, this long bird tray will definitely bring a smile to your face. I love the delicate and classic look of the sketch on this glass tray. A statement piece in its own right, this tray will look beautiful on many kinds of tables. 
  • With its clean lines and mirrored base, this large contemporary tray is a no-brainer for people looking for a versatile and effortlessly sophisticated tray for their coffee table. Truly a stunner. 

Check back soon for new additions to this list of decorative trays for coffee tables. 

Share your thoughts on these trays in the comment section below…I always love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!

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    I enjoyed reading your article and find your site very interesting. I love decorating, and I have great ideas for everything, but I have to say my coffee tables are always bare. You’ve picked some great trays and I love your ideas. I would probably go with the gold as it gives a nice classy look. Thank you again for the inspiration.

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    Thank you so much for your kind and constructive words!

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