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“True style never dies; it is adopted, adapted, and carried forward.”

– Lauren King Savage


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Home Decor Introduction

Dear Reader,

Growing up, my sweet grandmother and I were always the best of friends.

She once confided in me that her only regret was never becoming an interior designer. For reference on how stylish she was and how good at this she would have been, I’ll share a short story with you–

My grandmother told me a tale of returning home one afternoon only to find one of her friends and her friend’s interior decorator snooping through her windows for design inspiration (this was, after all, long before the days of Pinterest). Being the gracious woman that she was, she simply invited them in to see her house and gather their inspiration properly…after catching them stuck behind her garden gate!

I am lucky to have had such an admired woman teach me so much of what I now embody stylistically.

So from her to me, and now me to you, let us celebrate the joys of self-expression through thoughtful interior design choices. Let us use interior design as a means of defining ourselves and paving the way for our own individual legacies to be born and grow.

After all, I do always like to say: true style never dies; it is adopted, adapted, and carried forward.

May you find lots of enjoyable articles regarding interior design and your home here for many years to come.

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Lauren King Savage

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