Light Pink Kitchen Accessories

For my friends who adore a lovely, light pink as much as I do, take a look at this list for ways to incorporate the color into your kitchen.


“I believe in pink.”

– Audrey Hepburn

Order any of the pale pink kitchen accessories below simply by clicking either the pink links or the featured photos! Check size specifications before placing your order. Enjoy! All of my lists are “living,” meaning I update them with new items as I find products that are perfect fits for my posts. So please do come back soon!

A Pinch of Pink

Delight in Light Pink for Your Kitchen

When I was in high school, my grandmother took me shopping at a local kitchen store and I immediately fell in love with this light pink, KitchenAid hand mixer (also featured on the “My Favorite Things” page)

She gave me the mixer as a gift, and I still have it to this day! I adore having a little pink in my kitchen. 

If you love pink, and want a fun, easy way to incorporate a pale pink color into your everyday life, invest in any of the darling kitchen accessories featured below!

Pale Pink Kitchen Accessories 

  • Store your leftovers in these air-tight, ceramic bowls with bamboo lids. Not using them for anything? No problem! Leave them on your counter for decoration and an extra splash of pink. With the textured design and bamboo lids, these beauties are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Chop in style with this unique set of pink knives. Not only are these knives lovely with their pink handles, but this set also comes with a transparent knife stand, making this knife set an interesting and chic kitchen accessory. 
  • Straining your fresh produce or pastas will never so cheery with this five-quart colander. My first thought when I saw this: throw some berries in, and you’ve got an Instagram post waiting to happen. So cute! 

  • Hand-washing dishes? Look no further than these light pink sponges to help you get the job done! 
  • Sip your drink of choice with these gorgeous, all purpose goblets. The dainty, transparent pink color plus the classic design makes this set of glasses an amazing purchase to add some pale pink to your kitchen. 

Your kitchen is on its way to sitting pretty in pink with the incorporation of any of these pale pink kitchen accessories!

Let me know which light pink kitchen accessories you like best in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check back soon for updates to this list!

Peace, Love, and Pink, 

Lauren King Savage

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4 thoughts on “Light Pink Kitchen Accessories

  1. This is an adorable collection of pink things! I like the concept. I’m not personally a pink fanatic but I know a lot of people who are, and there is admittedly something very feminine about it. There’s nothing quite like the pink of cherry blossoms, for example. And now I know that pink toasters exist -thanks!

    1. Hi Penelope!

      Thanks for your comment!

      I think that you will be happy to know that toasters come in a wide variety of colors 🙂 I know I was pretty excited when I figured out how many options there are, haha!

      Hope you stop by again soon.



  2. Although this pink color might not benefit for men but definitely benefits for me because my girlfriend like the pink color very much. I think this is quite common especially for ladies. When I visit her house for the first time I was shocked seeing all her room was in pink theme.

    Her birthday is coming soon so I was thinking buying her some gift and lucky enough read your article in advance and now I shortlisted few kitchen items for her. Ready to changing her current kitchen into a pink theme. Lol

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