Purple Home Decor Accents

Purple Home Decor Accents

This specially-made list includes examples of countless purple home decor accents that would look amazing at your house.


“Black is not as good as purple.”

– Ralph Lauren

This list is currently itemized into three categories: furniture, bathroom and kitchen, and miscellaneous decorations.

Order any of the purple home decor items below simply by clicking either the purple links or the featured photos! Check size specifications before placing your order. Enjoy! All of my lists are “living,” meaning I update them with new items as I find products that are perfect fits for my posts. So please do come back soon!

Purple Home Decor Accents

A Commanding Touch

Purple has long symbolized royalty and luxury. It is not a shy color. Interestingly, for some, purple even has spiritual connotations representing powerful creative, humanitarian, and imaginative energies. 

Purple inherently commands attention. While too much purple can give off excessive energy in a room, adding purple home decor accents in intentional bursts will allow you to indulge in your love of the royal color tastefully and strikingly. 

From accent chairs to coasters, this list has a little something for everybody to help you all do just that!


  • Let’s start out with something a little splashy, shall we? For the right person and the right room, this gorgeous, velvet couch with crystal buttons would make for a stunning addition to an otherwise “blah” space. Have an overly-neutral, oh-so-boring living room? Maybe you should try adding this couch and see how much it livens up the area!

  • Looking for a more casual look but love the idea of a purple couch? Check out this mid-century modern, tufted, linen sofa. Between the lighter color and material– not to mention the contemporary wood accents and the two different shapes of pillows– this couch is a more laid back example of a purple accent piece.  

  • A different take on a mid-century accent piece, this muted purple, contour chair offers a refreshing pop of color to any room without being overtly bright. The lavender color paired with the mid-century flair makes this a perfect chair for anyone looking for a more retro, relaxed accent piece.  

  • There’s a super awesome taco place at the Dallas Farmer’s Market, and they have their bar lined with lots of these indoor/outdoor, counter height barstools. These are so festive and will add a fun dose of purple to your kitchen or patio! 
  • These other indoor/outdoor purple barstools would also be amazing additions to your home if you want something with a back! 

Bathroom and Kitchen

Miscellaneous Decorations

  • Incorporate culture and the color purple into you home at the same time with an original oil painting like this masterpiece Mysterious Sky by Chinese artist Jingshen You. What I particularly love about this painting is the combination of purple with blue, gray, pink, and white. A painting like this would allow you to subtly introduce purple into a room you are planning on also incorporating blues, grays, pinks, and whites into.

  • Decorative trays like this Fringe Studio decorative tray can add composure and style to kitchen counters, accent tables, and coffee tables. Trays are useful in that you can store change, keys, rings, or virtually anything small and not contained on them. I particularly love this floral tray because the varying shades of purple are not only gorgeous on their own, but they also allow for the lime green to standout and give the flower a playful three-dimensionality. 

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  • Coasters are practical in nature (nobody wants rings on any of their nice surfaces). This set of four purple agate drink coasters are notably beautiful– you are bound to get compliments the next time you invite people over for a drink and have these on the table! The interesting design makes it so that you can keep these out on a table or bar as a captivating decoration even when they are not in use. Cheers to marvelous coasters and versatility! 

  • Like the coasters above, whether you use this purple accent vase to hold flowers or not, the vase is just as elegant, interesting, and statuesque regardless. The ruffled edge makes for a particular eye-catching look. Keep this on your desk, accent table, or kitchen counter for a little burst of purple daily.

  • This contemporary table lamp suits many color schemes. The simplicity of the design gives off an air of effortlessness that will translate to whatever room you decide to put this in!

Share which purple home decor accents from this list you like best, other purple accents you know of that you think should be featured here, or any other home decor related thoughts or questions that you have in the comment section below.

I always love to hear from you, and appreciate you stopping!

Happy Decorating,

Lauren King Savage

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2 thoughts on “Purple Home Decor Accents

  1. I like the set of Pots and Pans the most. My sister like the purple color and she set her bedroom – bedsheet, cupboard and the amazing part is she also design her bathroom in purple color.

    So when I read you this article I was like, wow the set of pots and Pans? Because I cook a lot, so I spend most of my times to cook and plan my food. So with the color I like I might able to deliver not only good food but good preparation too.

    1. Hi Maxx,

      I am so happy that you guys love the color purple, too!

      There are so many amazing colors of pots and pans these days, so it is definitely possible to get the kitchen accessories that fit your style 🙂

      Thank you for your awesome comments, and for stopping by! Hope to have you visit here again soon.



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