Turquoise Home Decor Accents

Add turquoise to your home to help any room achieve the balance between being a place of relaxation and a place to reenergize.


For your convenience, this list is currently itemized into five categories: tables, miscellaneous accents, kitchen items, seating, and patio furniture.

Order any of the turquoise home decor items below simply by clicking either the turquoise links or the featured photos! Check size specifications before placing your order. Enjoy! All of my lists are “living,” meaning I update them with new items as I find products that are perfect fits for my posts. So please do come back soon!

Decorating with Turquoise

A Vibrant Touch

Perhaps no other color besides turquoise so strongly solicits feelings of amazing, carefree days at the beach, with sea foam rolling back and forth on top of the sand in front of you as you soak up the sunshine. 

Adding turquoise accents to a room allows you to incorporate that relaxed energy. Amazingly, turquoise is actually very versatile, as you will see with this list. Whether you are creating a polished, minimalistic room, or a bright room full of all kinds of colorful accent pieces, turquoise will still add an exquisitely refreshing feel to the space. 

So sit back, relax, and let your imagination run wild with all of the ways that you can incorporate these turquoise accent pieces into your home!


  • Put this gorgeous turquoise cabinet— complete with its nine shelves and detailed carvings– in a dining room as a buffet, or in a living room or bedroom as a television stand. You’ll undoubtedly love the rejuvenating vibe this turquoise piece gives off, and appreciate the extra storage as well. 
  • For my friends out there who love rustic accent pieces, look no further than this unique wood and metal basket chest. Complete with ivory wiring and black details, this chest would look lovely in an entry hallway, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office…nearly anywhere! 
  • Taking the rustic feel to the next level, this distressed console table has a complete personality of its own. Depending on the other decor in the room, as well as how minimalistic that room is, this table will have the ability to both effortlessly stand-out and gracefully fit in. Also, I think the drawer pulls are an amazing, bold touch! Love. 
  • Brown and turquoise together has long been recognized as a beautiful color combination, as demonstrated in the accent piece above. I adore the way that this retro desk subtly includes turquoise with its hairpin legs while the handsome, espresso brown top focuses the eye. Overall, the combination here balances itself effortlessly, and the throwback makes for a fun piece. 
  • Loving the mid-century, playful tone of the desk above, but want something brighter? Check out this turquoise and gray writing desk

Miscellaneous Accents

  • I have an obsession with floral bird print wallpaper, so when I saw this turquoise floral bird print entry hall storage bench, I knew it was a must-have on this list. A completely classic yet modern bench, this piece add a cheerful note to any room. A major plus: it’s also a storage bin. 
  • One of the easiest ways to add an accent color to a room is by draping or folding a throw blanket over a sofa, reading chair, or foot of a bed. This turquoise cable knit/sherpa throw blanket is equal parts stylish and soft with it’s multi-material makeup.
  • This turquoise porcelain table lamp has a clean and fresh feel, with the lovely details on the base and the crisp, white lampshade. On an accent table, side table, or desk, this lamp will add a cheerful touch to any surface in need of a little color. 

  • I love this large turquoise area rug for rooms that need something to visually ground it while simultaneously refraining from taking away too much attention from the other pieces nearby. This accent rug will lay a wonderful foundation for you to build your design dreams on and around.  
  • While this is one of the smallest items on this list, I adore this glass jellyfish. Ethereal in nature, this handblown jellyfish can serve as a paper weight or as a stand alone decoration. Want to see it light-up at night? Some people enjoy using light bases such as this one to make this happen! 

Kitchen Items

  • Start your mornings with a little more color using this adorable turquoise Keurig coffee maker! Not only will the coffee wake you up, but having a turquoise accent piece like this in your kitchen will surely bring an energizing smile to your face as well. 
  • These gorgeous set of melamine dinner plates will let you display your latest culinary creations (or recently delivered take-out) with charming style. The antiqued look makes these everyday dinner plates especially endearing. 

  • Hello, beautiful! I cannot get enough of these amazing frosted turquoise stemless glasses, complete with gold rims and hombre gradation. I feel more stylish just by looking at them; can you imagine how chic you’ll feel sipping out of them?!

  • Keep organized with this distressed turquoise message center. With a bulletin board, chalk board, storage pockets, coat hooks, and a mason jar flower vase, this hanging organizer could not be cuter or more useful. 


  • The moment I first saw this turquoise, quilted, egg-shaped swivel chair, I fell in love. I am enamored with the whimsical take on the egg chair, and I think that the studded metal casing is such a pleasantly unexpected touch. I love the dichotomy of the playful patchwork combined with the industrial nature of the steel casing! Wow. 
  • If you like the egg-shape of the chair above but patchwork isn’t your style, then take a look at this turquoise cashmere wool chair and ottoman
  • For an airy look, perhaps this hip, turquoise woven weatherproof chair will suit your tastes. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this eye-catching piece will offer you both comfort and a touch of turquoise style. I’m personally in love with it!
  • Or how about adding this Madmen-esque turquoise love seat to your space for a commanding burst of turquoise for you to work your design scheme around? Whether you want to decorate around this piece with neutrals or other bright colors, this sofa will add amazing energy to any room. 

Patio Furniture

  • Have a patio or outdoor lounge area that could use a little sprucing up? Why not incorporate turquoise into your outdoor space with this amazing seven-piece wicker furniture patio set?! Bonus: it includes a cover so you can keep your furniture in tip-top shape all year long. 

  • And this four-piece outdoor daybed sectional is so cool! Not only do the pieces conveniently come apart, but you also have built in shade for days where you want to be outside without being directly in the sun. I love the combination of the turquoise with the white shade and espresso wicker. 

Let me know which turquoise accent pieces you like best, and which you will be incorporating into your home designs! Love turquoise and want to share how you have incorporated turquoise home decor accents into your interior styling? Please do so in the comment section below!

As always, I love to hear from you and appreciate you reading.

Happy Decorating!

Lauren King Savage

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3 thoughts on “Turquoise Home Decor Accents

  1. Wow. GREAT item selection! I love turquoise… it’s such a fresh color! Now you have me wanted to redecorate and add another color pop in my house! I think I’d be a bit worried that to do a whole room in turquoise it might be a bit much, but it’s the perfect color for accents!
    You must have had a lot of fun selecting items to showcase here – each one is fabulous, although I can’t say I’m with you on the bird-print, sorry! 🙂 My favorites are the hutch, the lamp, and the wine glass – they are all simply gorgeous!

    1. Hi Marlaine,

      Thank you for your comments! I could not agree more– turquoise really is such a fresh color.

      I love all three of the items you mentioned so much, too, especially the lamp and glasses!

      If you do redecorate a bit with some turquoise, I hope you have as an awesome a time picking out the items that will fit best in your home as I did writing this post 🙂

      Come back soon!


  2. I am not really a turquoise fan, but you’ve just changed my mind entirely with these furniture option. They actually look very good and as someone who likes rustic design, I can see how it could blend nicely for my new home especially the kitchen area where I want the wood elements to be.

    I also like the storage bench – so classic and feminine. Just what I need for the hallway.

    Thank you so much for these tips. You have just inspired me with new shades for my future home.

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